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Features and Updates

Notable Features

  • Create an advanced search criteria by excluding retweets(RT), links, users, hashtags, and keywords or by searching for popular tweets only. Customizing your search criteria allows you to find fresh content, filter out spam, and improve your search results.
  • Find popular links for photos, videos, news and websites that have are being shared by multiple users or see all the links shared by an individual user.
  • Search for events, trending topics, sport scores, TV shows, movies, news, and more to discover related hashtags created by fellow twitter users. Discover the most active hashtags and see how long they have been trending.
  • Translate tweets using the built-in translate feature to your preferred language. Alternatively, you can customize your search criteria to find tweets only in your preferred language.
  • Discover the interactions that you have had with other users by searching for your twitter username. This information allows you to find users that you mentioned or those that mentioned you. Very useful on "#followfriday".
  • Use any of your favorite android apps for Twitter, the official Twitter Android App or the Twitter website to view additional content related to the tweets or users you discover.

Application Settings

  • Set the language to use when translating a tweet. The options currently available are English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German and French.
  • Set whether to retrieve information about users from Twitter like the description, number of followers, friends and tweets.
  • Please use the share option on the home screen menu to share this application with your friends. In various context menus, you can also share hashtags and/or users you find with your friends or followers using any of the registered applications on your device.

Users mentions and mentioned

  • Sort users found by number of followers, friends, tweets or by the number of times they mentioned another user or were mentioned by users.
  • Use the multiple sort and filter options to find hashtags by recency or by the number of related hashtags to determine the popularity of the hashtag.
  • You can include/exclude a hashtag or include/exclude(zip) users from your search criteria.
  • Find a twitter user is now possible using the "filter by name" menu option on the users screen. Type in the username excluding the @ symbol to begin filtering the list of users found.
  • Additional public user information, i.e. the description, number of followers, friends and tweets is retrieved from Twitter if available. This information is useful to easily identify between real users, bots and fake/spam users.
  • You can now find users who mentioned a particular user. This information provides more context about a user's interactions and influence when used in conjunction with their mentions list. This feature allows you to find groups of users that are interacting together and is very useful when looking for new followers or to identify influencers, trendsetters and/or domain experts.

Twitter API v1.1 upgrade

  • We've upgraded application to use the Twitter API v1.1 endpoints because the previous version of the API is being retired. This change now requires you to authenticate on Twitter in order to access their service.
  • The new API provides additional information which helps in reducing the number of requests required to collect user data and helps reduce the bandwidth used by the app.
  • There are limits imposed by Twitter on their new API, information about this can be found here. In general, these limits will not impact you but depending on what features you use, you may hit rate limits on certain features.
  • We've also made improvements on how data is processed using a background service to further improve the responsiveness of the app.

That is the best #Canucks related hashtag I may have ever seen...😂😂 https://t.co/SGJJH9ZrKR

@Ahmed99661083 https://t.co/Ve5b0iRbi1 always click on the related hashtag to follow the story. #tip

I've only one Corbyn-related hashtag that's worth me using and that is #RespectTheMandate - no amount of whining will change anything.

Related: #hashtag

Seems like @cnn could monitor Twitter and related #hashtag &confront folks with thefacts; if not immediately then i… https://t.co/WRv4dYXBgt

Whenever there's a African related hashtag, it takes over my twitter and I totally forget about the Blacks/African Americans that I follow

i didnt know there was a trans-related hashtag and now im just goin in blockin assholes kinda wanna start some shit

#ThisIsUs why did my dumbass think this was a one direction related hashtag https://t.co/oY8jqeNDii

It's been a while since we've had a random fake one direction related hashtag trend... directioners you ok?

Suggestions for a related hashtag search that works across #SocialMedia platforms other than Hashtagify.me? #Business #Marketing

6. Everyone in my twitter groups, I love you all 💕💕 Irl would be Amy 🎀

@LouDobbs @POTUS Mr President, they are already bashing you about this in left wing twitter groups. But you have our support.

@NotIn3D oh know I now. It's twitter groups you are talking about

#ARS anyone interested needs to get into one of the two twitter groups. The research and figures are nothing short of astounding...

There are few new Twitter groups regretting voting for Trump... that's all fine but where are the Electoral College voter regrets?

Twitter groups https://t.co/ODT4Ibjg1u

A2: You could explore twitter and connect with ppl who have common interests. Twitter groups and other networking resources online #Nt2t

23y- twitter groups w swalf

34 twitter groups😱😂

Here's the charts of the small lotto I entered today. Not tagging because there are twitter groups for just this st… https://t.co/rhzInuHeR5

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#butterflyEffect Android App for Twitter

Twitter™ has become the information network that many people use to check for or report on news, events, reviews, sports, culture, etc. The goal of the #butterflyEffect Android™ App for Twitter is to enable you to find more on Twitter using the information gathered during your searches.

Hashtags are used by Twitter users to create arbitrary "groups" to categorize their tweets and increase the visibility of them to other users. Often, special hashtags are created that are related to events, causes, marketing campaigns or merely for fun. The beauty of the hashtag is that any word or combination of words can be used as a hashtag.

This application helps you find active users creating relations between hashtags for emerging trends or topics, and find popular links related to your search criteria. Use this information to discover more on Twitter using the context created by other twitter users.

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